Traffic air pollution has been listed as one of the primary pollution sources in cities, which has a serious impact on people's health (especially children). Children exposed to air pollution for a long time will lead to decreased alertness, distraction, bronchitis, lung dysplasia and other problems, and increase the risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases. It is urgent and necessary to find solutions to mitigate and prevent children's air pollution exposure, which requires the participation of government, organizations, local communities... All citizens. Considering the professionalism and difficulty of scientific discovery and terminology, it is necessary to translate complex academic achievements into simple and feasible guidelines. This will enable schools, children and communities to make the right decisions and further help reduce the risk of children's exposure to air pollution.

The aim of this guidance document is to translate complex science into simple action points that enable schools, children and communities to make informed decisions and help reduce the exposure of school children to air pollution.

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