General Assembly of Members
Working CommitteesSecretariatProfessional Committees
Organizational Working CommitteeDepartment of General AffairsLow Carbon and Energy Conservation
Heath and Safety
Communication Working CommitteeDepartment of Academic
Design and Planning
Academic Working CommitteeDepartment of Technical ConsultationIntelligent Monitoring and Control
Energy and Storage
Advisory Working Committee
Department of Membership
Young Scholar


   Chairman: Prof. Chuck Yu (Editor-in-Chief of Indoor and Built Environment)

    President: Prof. Shi-jie Cao (Southeast University, University of Surrey)


    Department of General AffairsXilian Luo

    Department of Academic: Zhuangbo Feng

    Department of Technical Consultation: Xiangfei Kong

    Department of Membership: Junqi Wang


    1) Low carbon and energy conservation

    2) Heath and safety

    3) Design and planning

    4) Intelligent monitoring and control

    5) Energy and storage

    6) Young scholar