Concordia University is proud to host the 5th International Conference on Building Energy and Environment  (COBEE 2022) to provide a platform for discussing building energy and environmental issues, and for initiating collaboration among researchers, building and environmental scientists, architects, facility managers, and policymakers. We look forward to welcoming you and having you experience the city's unique culture and joie de vivre. There's a profusion of sights, sounds, and flavours to enjoy, all within the reach of the convention venue. See you in Montreal!

加拿大康考迪亚大学将举办第五届国际建筑能源与环境会议(COBEE 2022)。本次会议旨在为科研工作者,建筑和环境科学家,建筑师,设备管理以及政策制定相关人员提供参与讨论建筑能源与环境事项的平台。我们期待您的参与并体验加拿大蒙特利尔独特的文化与魅力。同时, 在会场范围内也会欣赏到来自于视觉听觉与味觉的丰富体验。期待与您在蒙特利尔相约!

  • Date of the conference (会议时间): 25-29 July 2022 

  • Conference venue会议地址):  Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Abstract Submission Deadline(摘要递交截止日期):   

Aug. 1st. 2021

Abstract Notification(摘要接收通知): 

Sep. 15th. 2021

Full Paper Submission Deadline(论文递交截止日期):

Jan. 15th. 2022

Review Comments(审稿意见): 

Mar. 1st. 2022

Final Paper Submission & Early Registration(论文终稿递交与提前注册): 

Apr. 1st. 2022


COVID- 19, Pandemic, and Epidemic 

Health and Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation 

Thermal Comfort 

Occupant-Centric Building Design and Controls 

Building Renewables, Solar Building and Smart Grid 

Urban Energy and Urban Microclimate 

Wind Engineering, Aerodynamics and Urban Physics 

Building Physics, Building Envelope and Materials 

Thermal Storages

Smart Buildings and Smart Cities (Machine Learning, AI, loT)

Resilience and Climate Change 

Building Mechanical System and Controls 

Advanced Modeling and Building Simulations, CFD

Building Codes and Standards

Urban Green Infrastructure 

Low / Zero Carbon Emission building and Communities